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手入れ TEIRE – Renovation/Repair/Maintenance Symposium, Tokyo

As part of co+re regular collaboration with Keio University and co+labo, it’s centre in Tokyo, Davisi and Darko were invited to take part in the inaugural session of International Symposium in Architecture and Urbanism, Updating Architecture and Cities Towards Sustainability, which was chaired by co+labo Professor Sano Satoshi.

Under the title of "手入れ teire r- enovation/repair/maintenance", this event took place on 15 April 2023 at Migishi Atelier - a rare surviving modernist house inspired by Bauhaus design in Japan. Davisi Has delivered a keynote speech "on requalification”, followed by the other three speakers Kei Sato (KASA), Ryosuke Takei (OSTR) and Ken Akatsuka (GROUP), some of the prominent young architects who have presented their projects related to what is an emerging theme in Japan, infamous for its profit-driven, mainstream scrap and build culture. The round table, which was chaired by Darko, has concluded the event.


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