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折本 orihon

21-28 May 2024 at ORIS house of architecture, Zagreb, Croatia

Davisi Boontharm’s exhibition in Oris House of Architecture in Zagreb brings to a single place the largest ever number of her orihon sketches and drawings. When unfolded, these small, 9x14 cm Moleskin Japanese Albums add up to more than a hundred meters in length. Depending on the theme or an underlying mood, they were drawn and painted from left to right, or from right to left, with pencil, pen, brush, in watercolour or ink, by her right and, sometimes, left hand.

. . .

These irregularly kept visual diaries – drawn and painted by an artist who is also an architect, urbanist, and a distinguished academic in her native Asia, Europe and Australia – treasure records of a passionate searcher, re-searcher, of a researcher who is everywhere (thus, nowhere) at home. Living a veritable Situationist dérive (what a very few can sustain) provides her with unique experiences, enables flashes of thought and inspiration, which Davisi’s intuition and knowledge, talent and skills transform into experiences of orihon unfolding in us, in ways that are hard to predict.

(an extract from the exhibition catalogue, written by Darko Radović)


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