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a+u special issue edited by Darko Radović

In November 2021, a+u will release a special issue featuring “Tokyo”. With Professor Darko Radovic ́, emeritus Professor from Keio University as a guest editor and a word by Georges Perec, “infra-ordinary” (Perec, “Approaches to What?”, 1973) as a keyword, this issue will introduce multiple “infra” layers underneath the “ordinary” Tokyo. Professor Radovic ́ who studied architecture and urbanism in Europe, Australia, and various Asian countries, has been living in Tokyo for more than a decade. His skilled “outsider’s” eyes and real “lived” (Lefebvre, 1974) experiences will be the underlying structure of the issue. And we invited more than 20 experts in architecture, urbanism, and sociology to introduce research-based discussion from various perspectives. This issue will demonstrate Professor Radovic ́’s fractal understandings of Tokyo in-between architecture and urbanism.

* coverpage: watercolor map of Tokyo by Davisi Boontharm

a+u coverpage, watercolor map of Tokyo by Davisi Boontharm



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