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Intensities Reuse and Creative Milieu


TOKYO | BANGKOK | SINGAPORE Intensities, reuse and creative milieu

MnM Measuring the Non-Measurable 02

by Davisi Boontharm

Tokyo: Flick Studio and IKI, pp. 136, ISBN-13: 978-4-904894-05-7

This book opens up the discussion of creativity in relation to reuse and place making. Here, creativity is not a big word which stirs a hot debate worldwide. The concept of “creative milieu”, as proposed by Landry, fits best the view at the phenomena that the author is interested in. The focus is at urban creativity of a modest kind, a creativity which expresses itself as an attitude to life, a drive, a particular quality.  With its special emphasis on reuse of ordinary building stock, this book advocates bottom-up initiatives and asks for reconsideration of latent qualities of ordinary architecture, which is often forgotten or described as banal.

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Bangkok: formes du commerce et évolution urbaine


Bangkok, Formes du commerce et évolution urbaine

By Davisi Boontharm
Éditions Recherche/Ipraus, Paris, 384 p. ISBN : 978-2-86222-052-9


Bangkok's commercial activities open up another way of looking at the urban identity and understanding its qualities. It is in fact an introduction to the urbanity of Bangkok that the work of Davisi Boontharm invites us, while delivering essential keys to the understanding of the complex configurations of an Asian metropolis in the age of globalization.

In addition it highlights the ability of commerce to "make the city", through two major properties: producing and qualifying urban forms on the one hand, enriching them on the other hand with a specific urbanity.

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Eco-Urbainity: towards well-mannered built environments


Eco-Urbanity: towards well-mannered built environments

Edited by Darko Radović
Routledge , 272 p. ISBN : 978-0415472784


Carefully outlining paths towards better, sustainable ways of urban living, this book proposes a radical change in the ways we conceive and live our urban environments.

Bringing together diverse cultural and disciplinary views on urban sustainability,eighteen leading academics and practitioners in sustainable architecture and urbanism explore global concerns of sustainability and urbanity.

This broad range of issues are clearly articulated and linked to concrete places and projects, merging research and cutting-edge design investigations to promote environmentally and culturally sensitive urban futures.


Harajuku: Urban Stage-se Q&A


Harajuku Urban Stage-Set Q&A by Davisi Boontharm

Printed in Japan by Ichii Chobu and flick Studio with Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo, March 2008, Tokyo,64 p.

ISBN-10: 0415432804


Harajuku is arguably one of the most exciting and vibrant fashion precincts of Tokyo. Through a series of questions and Answers, Harajuku Urban Stage-Set captures urban character of the precinct and the complexity of that unique place. Besides introducing Harajuku, the book also presents an approach towards understanding of urban complexity which combines the rigousous analysis with intuition, brings together conclusive statement and number of open-ended speculations.

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