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Ljubljana workshop 2023, UNESCO heritage walk

The “UNESCO Heritage Walk: from Ljubljanica to the Stadium” Workshop‘23 opened with, and built upon relevant knowledge about Ljubljana, its existing UNESCO heritage, and lessons from co+re events in Mostar. The city of Ljubljana is well known for its compactness and livability. The reasons of that fame are succinctly encapsulated in the World Heritage listing of “Jože Plečnik’s Human Centred Urban Design”. The Plečnik’s works in Ljubljana have been protected, all of them, but one – the Stadium. That space of unique value and potential for broader positive impact on the urbanity of Ljubljana and beyond is kept in a sorry state of disrepair.

The opening position of “Ljubljana, UNESCO Heritage Walk" Workshop 2023 is that there should be no dilemma between the intended production of, at best, yet another example of generic “placemaking” and a very special preservation/activation project which would bring Plečnik’s Human Centred Urban Design sensibility back to his home town, not as a memory, but as a renewed sensibility for the 21st century.

Heuristic design-research explorations focused on brave definition of desirable futures, based on recognition of the existing, fragile yet extraordinary heritage of Ljubljana. The Workshop seeks and projects into future synergies and links between the two sites of architectural and urbanistic excellence, Ljubljanica and the Stadium. As protection of the World heritage has to follow strict conservation and preservation rules, the Workshop dealt with spaces + practices connecting the two, a Michelangesque spacing pregnant with energies for positive change.

initiative+orgaisation, hosts: Tadej Glažar, Katarina Čakš, Vid Degleria(ULFA, Ljubljana) + Davisi Boontharm, Darko Radović (co+re.partnership) + Gabriele Masera (POLIMI) + Sano Satoshi (Keio University)

+ Guests

+ Akira Mita (Keio University)

+ Yanee Poonsonee (landscape architect, Thailand)

+ doc. Uroš Rustja, doc. Miloš Kosec, doc. Ana Krec (UL FA)

+ the Krater Production Lab, guided by Primož Turnšek (permaculturist/microbiologys), Altan Jurca Avci (architect/craftman) and Sebastjan Kovač (ecologist)

+ dr. Nika Grabar (UL FA), Tomaž Štoka (MAO), Darja Pergovnik (ZVKDS), doc. Rok Žnidaršič,

+ Students

SADANO Toru, NAKAMURA, Dai SUMIDA, Matteo VITALI, Tia Marc, Gaja Golja, KITAJIMA Kotaro, SUGIMOTO, Kiran Ravindra RANKA, Maša Ferjančič, Luka Gnidovec, TAKADA Shinnosuke, SATO, WATANABE, Javier Dario FIGALLO, Luka Arsić, Blaž Zupančič, TOKORO Shintaro, SHINOZAKI, TANAHASHI, Arianna Tardugno, Lana Pihler


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