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"Past Present and Future of Public Space" conference in Bologna (25-27 June 2024) has ended. Darko presented his keynote address on the opening day and Davisi chaired the morphology and design session on June 26th.

“Past Present and Future of Public Space” is an academic international conference promoted by the Italian non-profit organization City Space Architecture, presided by Luisa Bravo. It explores new dimensions of the public realm and discusses the results of research activities, through a multidisciplinary approach, on public space and related topics, comparing theories and projects, bridging knowledge to implementation and policy.

Darko's opening keynote lecture at the fifth Past, Present, Future of Public Space Conference, exactly ten years after he had a great honour to also open the inaugural, 2014 PPF Conference which was held at the exactly same place, a dramatic Stabat Mater Hall at Archiginnasio of the University of Bologna. His talk was ON change, starting with a statement that over the last decade “nothing has changed, everything has changed”. More about that at Darko's urbophilia soon.

More about the conference here.


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