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Urban Albums

co+re visits Museo Spazio Pubblico in Bologna and set-up Davisi's exhibition of her sketchbooks. Many thanks

to Luisa Bravo, the founder and curator of the museum.

The exhibition showcases a series of Davisi Boontharm’s orihon sketchbooks, in-which she sought to capture the sense of place, the scenes of everyday, ordinary lives intertwine with extraordinary moments. Orihon is an accordion-like notebook in which the pages are connected into one long strip. They unfold, and fold back onto each other, capable to both keep the flows and to enable capturing and experiencing separate scenes. Davisi’s sketches are essays, trials, search and work in progress. Her orihon are unfinished, destined to remain and be experienced in the unstable state of becoming. In them, there is no fear of error, they are croquis adding up to an imperfect oeuvre that reveal outlines, hint at and open up possible narratives.

As a visiting scholar/artist, for her exhibition at the Public Space Museum in Bologna Davisi has selected some of her albums that contain sketches of urban spaces that fascinated her and worth discussing. They are from the cities in which she lived, and which has visited – ranging from Tokyo and Milano, and scarcely known small towns along the Croatian’s Dalmatian coast.


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