design + culture + education + action

a platform for strategic thinking making and living better city

co+re is the result of twenty years of immersion into, and explorations of cultural otherness, its expressions and capacities in urban and architectural design in Asia, Australia + Europe.


co+re platform is a collaborative enterprise founded by Darko Radović+Davisi Boontharm, professors, architects, urbanists, educators, researchers and thinkers in the fields of architecture and urban design, who have combined their passion for cities and cross-cultural communication to create this meeting point for borderless exchange, education, research + action.


co+re conceptualises, initiates, organises and, as a hub, (co)hosts diverse cultural, academic and educational activities, which include workshops, symposia, seminars, exhibitions, cultural exchange and travel programmes

in co+re

co is as the co in

context, collaboration, connection, commune, community, communication, company, conception ...


re is as the re in

research, representation, rethinking, reuse, requalification, recovery, rediscovering, rebuilding, remaking ...

sign + is at the core of our co+re project

co+re seeks "the dignity of bearing the + sign, that of joy,

happiness, enjoyment, of sensuality - the sign of life” *
and to it we only add another, all-important nuance, red colour, the colour of life.

* Lefebvre, H, (2014), Vers une achitecture de la jouissance, Minneapolis: Minnesota University Press