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Theory and Practice of Urbanity in Florence

In May, co+re was back at DIDA Departimento di Architettura, University of Florence, to deliver the 5th, 2023 edition of Theory and Practice of Urbanity conducted in that fascinating city. For this year, the title was "Immersion into the residual, fragments from the Theory and Practice of Urbanity". Prof. Leonardo Chiesi has hosted the workshop at our regular venue of Santa Theresa, as part of his Sociology of Architecture Programme. This year, his special guest was also Professor Sano Satoshi, who heads co+labo and co+re base at Keio University, Tokyo.

Twenty three students from twelve countries and three continents took part in TPU@DIDA’23 workshop, providing and sharing an amazing array of viewpoints at spaces and spatial practices of central Florence. The energy and responses generated through series of self-managed intensive fieldwork sessions, heuristic immersions into the urban, has resulted in a number of thought-provoking individual and group-generated concepts and – a strong desire to continue.

For creating that enriching environment and results, co+re remains grateful to Malika, Fay, Jakob, Melody, Line, Theseas, Rim, Lina, Souha, Elisabeth, Aleksandra, Amman, Julie, Haoxiang, Salma, Zoe, Clemens, Imane, Damla, Julian, Samat, Chula, Ingrid (here listed in the order of group membership).



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